Update for Cutts Family Fund

Thank you Todd Lawley and Gary Lavorgna for keeping us updated on Bruce and Sally with the following information.
West River Transportation is setting up a fund for the Cutts family through Peoples United Bank in Newfane. For those who don’t know why or for those that don’t know the Cutts family, Bruce and Sally Cutts lost their daughter Liz when their house burned down early Sunday morning (December 17th) in Brookline Vermont. Bruce tried to get to Liz to get her out of the burning house but was unable to get to her. He tried several times and as a result of that has suffered burns over 40 % of his body. His wife Sally had to jump out a second story window to get out of the house and as a result of that has suffered broken bones and both her arms are badly burned. Both Bruce and Sally were flown to a burn center in Boston where they are now. They also lost their dog. Bruce always had his dog with him whenever he was out and about. They have lost everything they had. Bruce worked for West River Transportation as a school bus driver. He is an excellent employee. It did not matter what you asked him to do he would do it and never complain. He and Sally would give you the shirt off their back if you needed something. Now it is time for us to give them the shirt off our backs in their time of need.

To donate to the Cutts Family Fund an account has been set up at Peoples United Bank in Newfane, VT. Checks should be made payable to the Cutts Family Fund and can be mailed to: Peoples United Bank, PO Box 28, Newfane ,VT 05345. Donations can also be mailed to West River Transportation, PO Box 10, Newfane ,VT 05345. You can also drop checks off at the Newfane Peoples United Bank Branch. Thank you for all your help. Please keep Bruce and Sally in your thoughts and prayers, along with the entire Cutts family.