The Planning Commission creates/updates a town plan to set a direction for the Town’s future and to address changing needs through a continuous planning process. The Brookline Planning Commission obtains input from citizen survey. It holds public meetings on the Plan, works with the Selectboard, and has received advice and assistance from the Windham Regional Commission.

The Plan is meant to be a guide for the Selectboard and Planning Commission and other town officials both in their routine business and in their consideration of proposals which would have an impact on the Town. When a project falls under the jurisdiction of Act 250, under ยง 6086 (a) (10) of Title 10, Chapter 151 (Act 250), this Plan will serve as a guide for the District Environmental Commission in reviewing proposals for development and subdivision.

In addition, the Plan should serve as a source of information about Brookline and the objectives of its citizens and about the opportunities and limitations for prospective residents, developers and investors.

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Planning Commission Members

Barbara Bourne2025
Charlie Ezequelle2025
Somara Zwick2025
Oliver Ames2025
Leah Daley2025
Chris Daley2025
Stan Noga2025

Planning Commission Agendas & Minutes

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