Regulations Governing Dog Ownership

All dogs or wolf-hybrids six (6) months or older must be licensed by April 1, 2024.

Brookline Animal License Fees:

Male & Female Registration: $8.00+ State: $5.00 = $13.00
Late Fee: $4.00 (After April 1, 2024)
Neutered & Spayed:
Registration: $4.00 + State: $5.00 = $9.00
Late Fee: $4.00 (After April 1, 2024)

These fees include $5.00 that is sent to the State, $1.00 goes to the State Rabies Program, and $4.00 goes to the State’s Spay/Neutering Program.

For any dog not licensed by May 30, 2024 the owner will be charged a $50.00 fine per animal, according to the Brookline Dog Ordinance.

Dogs or wolf-hybrids over 3 months of age shall be vaccinated against rabies. The initial vaccination shall be valid for 12 months. Within 9-12 months of the initial vaccination the animal shall receive a booster that will be valid for 36 months. A copy of the rabies certificate will be given to the Town Clerk upon licensing the animal.

Brookline VT Animal Control

Rabies is a disease that can kill animals and people.

  • Vermont law requires rabies shots for all CATS and DOGS
  • Rabies shots help protect pets and pet owners from rabies.
  • Enjoy wildlife from a safe distance. Remember, rabid animals have been found in all Vermont counties.
  • Questions? Call the Vermont Rabies Hotline: 1.800.472.2437

Animal Control Officer

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