Reminder : Brookline Town Meeting


To all Brookline legal Voters,
                                       On Monday, March 1st, will be Brookline's Town Meeting. Due to the Covid19 Virus, our meeting will be held in it's entirety by Australian ballot. Polling hours are from 9AM till 7PM. Brookline's polling location is the Town Office, 734, Grassy Brook Road in Brookline. We will be practicing Vermont Health Dept. Guidelines to assure everyone's safety and welfare.
                                      For those of you voting Absentee/Early, your ballot must be received by the Town Clerk's Office by 7PM, March 1, 2021 in order to be counted. A sample ballot can be reviewed on the town's website : at the bottom of the home page. The Australian Ballot will be your only opportunity to elect your local town officials and approve your town budget for the upcoming year. Please make every attempt to participate in this important event. Thank you.

Definition of Australian ballot:

 an official ballot printed at public expense on which the names of all the candidates and proposals appear and which is distributed only at the polling place and marked in secret