Open Houses Inner Fire 2019

 Dear Friends and Colleagues,

Inner Fire is a proactive, Therapeutic Community Residence (TCR), offering striving individuals the opportunity to recover from debilitating and traumatic life experiences, which can lead to addiction and mental ( soul health) challenges, without the use of the mind-altering, psychotropic medications. We are not anti medications but rather believe in choice. Too many sensitive people who hate the side effects of the medications, choose suicide rather than living a life in a fog of pain, disconnected from a clarity of thinking, heartfelt feelings and intentional willing…from all that is essentially human. Along with a psychiatrist, we support people to slowly taper, avoid medications in the first place or help individuals to reclaim their lives having withdrawn from the medications and still struggling before coming to Inner Fire. It is crucial to remember, we do not fix people, as they are not broken. We support individuals to taper which makes it more possible to then engage with a greater consciousness to discover balance on a deeper soul spiritual level.

For further information: or contact, 802-221-8051

We warmly welcome you to join us for one of our monthly Open Houses, Tuesdays starting at 2:15. The Open House includes a sharing of the ‘what, why and how’ of what we do and a tour. If you intend to come, please RSVP. ( Please like us on FaceBook for updates) June: 11 July: 9 August: 13 September: 10 October: 15 November: 12 December: 3

We look forward to welcoming you,

Beatrice ( founder/director)