Message from Brookline Selectboard Chair


Dear Fellow Brookliners:
Yes, I think winter is over and with this Memorial Day weekend, family and friends will be able to visit and catch up with each other in person.  Vermont leads the country in keeping the covid-19 virus infection rate low.  Vaccination sites are increasing and the State is opening up again.  
I wanted to take this opportunity to brief everyone on a few things that you might find important to be aware of.  Starting this first week of June, our road supervisor, E. Mark Bills will be doing over-the-rail roadside mowing for 5 days.  We hope to hit the invasive plants early before they go to seed and spread.  With this in mind, please refrain from placing yard sale and "for Free" items out where they would interfere with the mower.  We kindly request that any "for Free" items that are not picked up in a week be removed from  the curbside as it becomes unsightly to the neighborhood.
With the warmer weather we are opening up our windows and doors to better enjoy the fresh air and peace and quiet Brookline residents cherish. While we do not have a noise ordinance, please be courteous when deciding how early to operate loud machinery and vehicles.  Unfortunately, the tire marks are still appearing here and there on our paved roads. I wish there was some way to stop this type of vandalism.  Any suggestions would be appreciated.  The STOP signs do not stand for Spin Tires On Pavement as my friend Howard Osgood reminded me.
One last thing… as your Animal Control Officer, I must remind everyone of their legal responsibility to keep their dogs up to date with a current rabies vaccination and registering for a town dog license.  Because of the pandemic, late fees are currently being waived, but once the Governor lifts the emergency declaration, a $50 late fee and possible municipal ticketing will begin. Call town hall and Mr. Tanza will tell you if you need to update the rabies certificate on file.  We can mail you a new tag if you drop off a check at the town mailslot. If you have any questions or concerns, please feel free to contact me.  
365-7072  Home
365-4648  Town Hall
Stay well,
Dot Maggio
Chair Brookline Selectboard