Green Mountain Conservancy Information Meeting

The Green Mountain Conservancy will be holding a public information meeting about Phase II of the Deer Run Nature Preserve on Wednesday, December 4 at 7 pm in the Williamsville Hall, Williamsville, Vermont.
The program will describe the Green Mountain Conservancy’s efforts to conserve 626 acres of undeveloped forested land in Brookline and Newfane on the east side of the West River. This land is in the West River Watershed, includes two-and-a half miles of river frontage, 186 acres of deeryards, and is identified by the Vermont Conservation Design as a Highest Priority Interior Forest Block for conservation. Ultimately, the GMC aims to conserve over one thousand contiguous acres in the Deer Run Nature Preserve.
The program for December fourth includes a presentation by Green Mountain Board Member Sam Farwell, who will describe the Phase II property; Roger Haydock, another GMC board member, will talk about the geology that formed the land in deep time. Ornithologist Cat Abbot will report on the nearly seventy species of birds that have been inventoried so far, including species that are in decline or endangered in Vermont. Patti Smith, from Bonnyvale Environmental Education Center and a member of the GMC board, will introduce the audience to wildlife found on this land. Marie Caduto, from the Vermont Agency of Natural Resources will discuss the importance of the land to theWest River. Additionally, there will be maps, photographs and time for questions. GMC Board Member Deborah Lee Luskin will facilitate.
The Williamsville Hall is located on Main Street in Williamsville, across from TheEatery and is ADA compliant. Refreshments will be served.
The Green Mountain Conservancy is a non-profit whose mission is to acquire and conserve wilderness lands in southern Vermont. More information can be found at by email: or