Green Up Day 2015

A message from Green Up Day Brookline coordinator, Lynn Reinhardt:
Green Up Day is Saturday May 2, 2015. Meet at the town office at 9 a.m. for coffee and homemade cinnamon rolls. We will have the green bags there with a map of roads that need walking. Archie Clark has volunteered to let us use his big truck again this year to transfer everything to the dump in Brattleboro. If anyone can come with a truck to help pick up bags along the roads as they get filled, that would be great. We seem to have a lot of stuff in the ditches along the roads this year. If anyone knows of a large deposit of items along the road, please let the town office know so we can get help ahead of time for these items. If you cannot make it to Green Up on Saturday there are green bags at my house by the garage or at the town office. Just let me know where you have cleaned so we can mark it off our list. You can leave the bags along side the road or drop them off at the town office. We will be taking the garbage to the dump around 12-1 on Saturday if all goes as planned. Thanks in advance for your help in making our beautiful town free of debris.
Lynn Reinhardt
143 Grassy Brook Road