Brookline News – Events – Notices – Reminders – 2023

A message from the Brookline Meeting House Committe Lee Ann Parker, Dan Towler, Dot Maggio, Kerry Bourne, Julia Duke and Stuart Duke and your Selectboard: Dot Maggio, Stan Noga, Bruce Mello, Somara Swick and Paul Madalinski and party planners Julie Roach, Jon and Vanessa Ballou. Please come and celebrate all things Brookline at the Historic Baptist Church aka Brookline Meeting House, on Saturday July 22, 2023 Rain or Shine! Come and meet your neighbors, enjoy some grilled food between 12:00 and 1:30, bring your favorite side dish to share, listen to some wonderful music between 1:00 and 4:00 and enjoy an ice cream social gathering between 4:00 and 5:00. The program is funded by the Community Activity fund so there is no cost to attend for Brookline residents!

A request from the Brookline Cemetery Commissioners: Laurie Nau-Martocci, Doug Wellman, Howard Osgood, Mike Winot and Dot Maggio The Brookline Cemetery Commission is an independent entity that operates the Riverside Cemetery for the Town of Brookline. All other cemeteries in the town are considered “ancient” and are maintained by your tax dollars and managed by the Selectboard. Over the past decades, due primarily to changes in burial customs and increasing maintenance costs, the Riverside Cemetery has been operating at a significant loss. As your elected Cemetery Commission we do our best to manage this much needed service for the residents of Brookline and strive to provide an affordable solution in their time of need, while maintaining a dignified final resting place for our loved ones. Until recently we have held the price on burial plots down but with the growing popularity of cremations these sales have not been enough for us to cover upkeep. It is with great reluctance that we are asking for your support to help cover maintenance costs. Any donation would be greatly appreciated and can be sent to the Town of Brookline Cemetery Commission, PO Box 403, Newfane VT or dropped off at the Town Office.

A message from the Historic Round School House Committee: Dot Maggio, Laurie Nau-Martocci, Kerry Bourne and Julia Duke In celebration of the 200th Anniversary of the Historic Round School House, the committee is completing the memorial garden honoring Cynthia Nau -Long time community leader, teacher, neighbor and friend. A dedication ceremony will be held later this summer. Please check the town website and if you have not already joined our email list, please do so by writing to and ask to be added for future notices

A Reminder from your 911 Coordinator Paul Madalinski and Emergency Management Coordinator for Brookline Dot Maggio and Highway Supervisor E. Mark Bills Please make sure your home street address number is clearly visible from the road for emergency providers to easily locate you when necessary. During the last storm, it was difficult to determine some locations that were in need of assistance. Stay Safe –