Brookline Election Recap Nov. 4, 2014

Hi everyone,
Of 357 registered Brookline voters, 177 cast their votes = 49.58 % turn out. Brookline voters also elected the following for Justice of the Peace : Cynthia Nau,Marsha Omand,Guy Tanza,Gwen Tanza,and Marji Wellman. Congratulations to all candidates. Their term will start February 2015 and end February 2017 (Vermont Election Law) Total Brookline results can be viewed on the town’s website : at the foot of the home page by selecting ” Quick Downloads”.
Thanks to the following Election Officials for their time and efforts to assure all election laws and procedures were maintained : Bernardine Hoard, Dot Maggio,Bruce Mello, Cynthia Nau,Pat Noga,Stan Noga Jr,Michael O’Donnell,Jim Rogers,Gwen Tanza, and Marji Wellman. They certainly made my day much easier.