Brattleboro Bus Service Survey


Hi everyone,
As one of Brookline's Windham Regional Commissioners, I have received this information and thought I would share it with our town. As we all strive to reduce our transportation cost, I feel it is important to express our needs in regard to having opportunities for mass transportation here in our local area. Your input can, and will make a difference.

Dear Guy,
Brattleboro Route Study Survey

The Windham Regional Commission (WRC) Transportation Program is supporting The Current in their efforts to improve schedules and service level on their Brattleboro routes. The Current, which operates the Brattleboro bus system, is one of two divisions operated by Southeast Vermont Transit (SEVT). SEVT has been awarded a grant by the Vermont Agency of Transportation (VTrans) to work with consultant Stephen Falbel of Steadman Hill Consulting in Montpelier and the Windham Regional Commission to assist in the route re-design.

As part of this effort, SEVT is seeking public input so that the re-designed system will better serve the public and increase both ridership and service quality. The WRC is assisting the Current with implementation of a Rider and Non-Rider survey aimed to better understand where people want and need to go and at what times of day.

Surveys are available at the Brattleboro Chamber of Commerce, the Brattleboro Public Library, The Coop's Shareholder Desk, and the Transportation Center. Rider surveys are also available on every bus. All surveys can be filled out online here at (on top ribbon navigate to " Community" and than select Bus Survey on the drop down menu)

All surveys must be completed by August 18, 2017.
The WRC continues to post informational materials with the survey link at a variety of local businesses in town. SEVT is also conducting employer, partner, and bus-driver interviews. The first of two rounds of public meetings will be held in late August or September.

A full description of the next steps in this process can be found at in the Current's Press Release which can be found at

SEVT CEO Randy Schoonmaker, wants to assure existing riders that "the core schedules will remain, so that you will continue to reach your jobs, shopping, and medical appointments. What we are trying to accomplish is to simplify the schedule, minimize transfers, reduce duplication, fill in gaps, and make the system more user friendly." Schoonmaker also said that fares will remain at $1 per ride.

The date for the first public meeting will be announced shortly.

For questions or comments contact:
Rebecca Gagnon General Manager, The Current Division of Southeast Vermont Transit, 802-460-7433 ext. 201 or e-mail


Erica Roper Transportation Planner Windham Regional Commission at 802.257.4547 ext. 108 or email

Message from our Windham Solid Waste Management Represenative


There are a few changes happening with the recycling bins for Brookline residents, effective immediately. For starters, our new vendor takes zero-sort (single stream) materials. This means you no longer have to separate the materials into different bins at the site. All recyclables can go into the same bin (even though some of the signs on the bins currently say you need to separate - those signs will get changed). For efficiency, in the future we will likely be closing off one bin until the other bin is nearly full, to avoid having two bins fill up at the same time. Also for efficiency, PLEASE BREAK DOWN AND FLATTEN ALL BOXES, so the materials in the bin are as condensed as possible. This will reduce the frequency of having to empty the bins, which will result in lower overall costs. As a reminder, the cost of this recycling program is funded by a portion of our property taxes.

Also, with the zero-sort process we are now able to recycle all #1-7 plastics again! Some of the current/old signage on the bins is confusing and will be replaced, but for now you can refer to the attached PDF for all the materials that can be recycled. And remember they all can be combined into one bin - no separating needed.

It is important to remind everyone that these recycling bins are for BROOKLINE RESIDENTS ONLY. With some neighboring towns doing away with their recycling programs, it is possible that non-residents might try to bring materials to our bins. If you see someone using the bins that you know to be a non-resident, please do what you can to identify the vehicle (license plate number, etc) and let to me and/or the town clerk know. We are also looking into possibly creating town recycling permit stickers or something similar, which would be given to all Brookline taxpayers, to make it easier to identify the cars of residents using the bins. We would also like everyone to be on the lookout for anyone dumping trash. If you see it happening, please try to identify the vehicle and/or person and let us know. If anyone has thoughts on how we might add additional "security" to the site, we'd appreciate the input.

Thanks in advance for your help with keeping our recycling program working as smoothly as possible.

David Jones

Brookline Selectboard